Saturday, October 20, 2012

in the midst of fog after the rain in suburb of Kuala Lumpur, there is a girl wearing her favorite black t-shirt in, black skinny jeans and her favorite black flats she got in a very cheap price waiting for the bus to take her home. The bus is scheduled to come around 2.00 p.m, another 20 minutes to go. she decides to read a murakami's piece 'sputnik sweetheart' and her mind wanders swallowing words by words, plotting an imaginary world, drawing Sumire, Miu and K running errands in her imagination. The book has taken her away, captured all her attention, tied it and buried under the sea bed until she realized that the bus just passed and she has to wait for the next bus which is 30 minutes later. 
she hates waiting but taking a cab is not a good choice either, another 30 minutes is still tolerable. she sat on the red bench when suddenly an old chinese lady came.
"amoy, the bus left ah?" she asked with such a low voice 
"yeah, it just left and the next bus will come in 30 minutes"she replied
then the lady sat and lit the cigarette and start smoking. 20 minutes to go, she felt the urge to continue her reading time but she afraid that she will miss the next bus so she decides to take her phone.
she opened twitter, scrolled up down. nothing excited her, just some people she knew talking to another , complaining how bad their lunch, their boss, their job even their day were, some even expressing their love to each other, even worse her friend tweet-kissing her amore through twitter, Good God.
Twitter is somehow bore her, same thing goes to Instagram where people share their lunch, their house, their puppy and the list goes. so she just scrolled up and down till the end today's page.
the bus was still on the way, the lady next to her was still smoking, the cab have been passing by, and she decided to take out the book and continue reading.

bus doesn't matter, it will eventually come. house doesn't matter, it will stay.
she was going to finish the book, good book can't wait.

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