Saturday, October 20, 2012

in the midst of fog after the rain in suburb of Kuala Lumpur, there is a girl wearing her favorite black t-shirt in, black skinny jeans and her favorite black flats she got in a very cheap price waiting for the bus to take her home. The bus is scheduled to come around 2.00 p.m, another 20 minutes to go. she decides to read a murakami's piece 'sputnik sweetheart' and her mind wanders swallowing words by words, plotting an imaginary world, drawing Sumire, Miu and K running errands in her imagination. The book has taken her away, captured all her attention, tied it and buried under the sea bed until she realized that the bus just passed and she has to wait for the next bus which is 30 minutes later. 
she hates waiting but taking a cab is not a good choice either, another 30 minutes is still tolerable. she sat on the red bench when suddenly an old chinese lady came.
"amoy, the bus left ah?" she asked with such a low voice 
"yeah, it just left and the next bus will come in 30 minutes"she replied
then the lady sat and lit the cigarette and start smoking. 20 minutes to go, she felt the urge to continue her reading time but she afraid that she will miss the next bus so she decides to take her phone.
she opened twitter, scrolled up down. nothing excited her, just some people she knew talking to another , complaining how bad their lunch, their boss, their job even their day were, some even expressing their love to each other, even worse her friend tweet-kissing her amore through twitter, Good God.
Twitter is somehow bore her, same thing goes to Instagram where people share their lunch, their house, their puppy and the list goes. so she just scrolled up and down till the end today's page.
the bus was still on the way, the lady next to her was still smoking, the cab have been passing by, and she decided to take out the book and continue reading.

bus doesn't matter, it will eventually come. house doesn't matter, it will stay.
she was going to finish the book, good book can't wait.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

exam week

exams are coming this week and i have to study smart, so will not blog for quite a while until those terrific exams finished. i was tumblr-ing and pinterest-ing instead of study and decided to put those lovelies above to my 'hopefully i can buy' list hahaha but now seriously i have to study kthxbye, cheers

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

worth every penny

i bought those products with no regret. well they might not be 'best buy' products but as a customers i'm satisfied hehehe. in the first picture (from left-right) it was face toner from Hada Labo, a japanese product with no scent and other dangerous chemicals content and yes it makes my skin supple and hydrated, L'occitane almond shower scrub which can be used daily and the scent is lovely super love but i have to admit that it was quite pricy for my budget, Khiel's ultra facial cleanser for normal skin was lovely, it left your skin so smooth and so good you can't stop caressing your face, Nivea extra whitening deodorant smells good as i usually use the spray one but this product got my heart. lastly, it was Maybelline Baby Lips in smooth cherry that comes up with SPF 20, compact with cute color and easy with no greasy. 
so, what's your favorite products? mind to share :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

broken promises

i broke my own year resolution to start blogging about all my trivial and stupid things i've done frequently, not everyday but frequent yeah maybe once in three days at least. a lot of things that happened recently which i decided to be the excuses why i didn't blog haha, i moved to a new house and it took a long time to get all those moving thingy done and also it took quite big amount of patient to wait for the ISP-man to come and set the internet connection to my house, so i was like internet-free students for almost a week with a final year project submission due in the same week and yeah it was crazy. thus i was rushing to finish my project by staying late at the uni or staying at my friend's house, but thankfully those times have passed and exams are coming next week so wish me luck :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

a pc gelato brains Telly i got nothing to do, nonsense. i have a lot of assignments to do and also my uni final project, well a bit refreshing is good.. not

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

img img-3 img-2
 i just finished arranging my closets and found that i have three polka dot scarves with different color, later i will post my photos wearing them. well, i got these things and fall in love with them instantly and i think they look good with my scarves. the first pictures is a CD compilation of indie bands -mostly hardcore- in my hometown, pretty good i'd say even though i'm not into that kind of music. i just bought a cash book just because i like the color and it got a nice food illustrations, friend told me that i should have bought the book to arrange my budget and have a proper cash flow so that i won't run out of money every bloody month -but yeah, she knows me well-. panda band aid? yes i just can't resist, i love panda enough said. a friend of mine visited Australia and he got me a kangaroo tiny doll, thank you B :)
DSC_0779 Untitled Untitled Untitled sweet potatoes

i've been staying in my house for almost 3 days in my mid-semester break, well actually many plans were swimming in my brain before the break even started but it seems like some plans are meant to be just a plan. No worries, i will still enjoy this break to the fullest. so basically this is what i'm going to do

1. try new recipes, make a good food that i can brag on my blog :p
2. re-arrange my school notes, make it simpler and attractive enough to read
3. clean my fridge and get rid of hose crappy food
4. tidy up my closet
5. do some DIYs with friends
6. make homemade facial and hair mask
7. re-decorate my room, i plan to develop some photos and put them on the wall and also i plan to make collage from old magazines
Recently, i feel like i'm going to capture my breakfast and lunch and photos above are the result. Enjoy your break :)