Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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 i just finished arranging my closets and found that i have three polka dot scarves with different color, later i will post my photos wearing them. well, i got these things and fall in love with them instantly and i think they look good with my scarves. the first pictures is a CD compilation of indie bands -mostly hardcore- in my hometown, pretty good i'd say even though i'm not into that kind of music. i just bought a cash book just because i like the color and it got a nice food illustrations, friend told me that i should have bought the book to arrange my budget and have a proper cash flow so that i won't run out of money every bloody month -but yeah, she knows me well-. panda band aid? yes i just can't resist, i love panda enough said. a friend of mine visited Australia and he got me a kangaroo tiny doll, thank you B :)

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