Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DSC_0779 Untitled Untitled Untitled sweet potatoes

i've been staying in my house for almost 3 days in my mid-semester break, well actually many plans were swimming in my brain before the break even started but it seems like some plans are meant to be just a plan. No worries, i will still enjoy this break to the fullest. so basically this is what i'm going to do

1. try new recipes, make a good food that i can brag on my blog :p
2. re-arrange my school notes, make it simpler and attractive enough to read
3. clean my fridge and get rid of hose crappy food
4. tidy up my closet
5. do some DIYs with friends
6. make homemade facial and hair mask
7. re-decorate my room, i plan to develop some photos and put them on the wall and also i plan to make collage from old magazines
Recently, i feel like i'm going to capture my breakfast and lunch and photos above are the result. Enjoy your break :)

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