Wednesday, August 1, 2012

worth every penny

i bought those products with no regret. well they might not be 'best buy' products but as a customers i'm satisfied hehehe. in the first picture (from left-right) it was face toner from Hada Labo, a japanese product with no scent and other dangerous chemicals content and yes it makes my skin supple and hydrated, L'occitane almond shower scrub which can be used daily and the scent is lovely super love but i have to admit that it was quite pricy for my budget, Khiel's ultra facial cleanser for normal skin was lovely, it left your skin so smooth and so good you can't stop caressing your face, Nivea extra whitening deodorant smells good as i usually use the spray one but this product got my heart. lastly, it was Maybelline Baby Lips in smooth cherry that comes up with SPF 20, compact with cute color and easy with no greasy. 
so, what's your favorite products? mind to share :)

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